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The right moment

Awan, a unique Arabic word for ‘the right moment’, is a genuine brand created by tea-lovers for tea-lovers. Infused with a zest of Lebanese culture, it offers an indulgence in the world of quality tea and brings together passion and pleasure in every moment. Awan presents a wide range of teas for all tastes and a choice of practical and original accessories.
The Awan selection is built with a constant effort to deliver quality, variety and valuable information, wishing to instill all aspects of the “tea feeling”- relaxation, revitalization,
cultural discovery and an acute perception of the world around. Awan’s current selection - over 70 loose teas and herbal infusions - covers a broad spectrum of tastes, types and grades, proposing a multitude of distinctly differentiated moments.


Original Tea


Flavored Tea


Herbal Infusion


After water, tea is the most popular drink in the world
with more than 50,000 cups consumed every second.
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Highlights of the Season


Tamr Time - Bio

A certified organic green tea, flavored with dates and fruits (strawberry, grapefruit, rhubarb, pineapple).A healthy Levantine blend, enriched with vanilla and scented flowers. An all-day tea.

Hot Glass

The finum® glass systems are equipped with perfectly matching permanent filters – a simple and elegantsolution for individual tea brewing. Each system comes with a hat to prevent heat loss and to serve as drip-off tray after brewing. The double-wall glass keeps your drinks hot longer.